Big South Qualifier 2018

I always heard my dad talking about “Uncle Mo” while he watched basketball and football games on TV.  I finally asked him who was “Uncle Mo” and his response was “momentum and that Uncle Mo is a fickle dude”.  While I think that I want to major in Biochemistry, if I choose to major in psychology, I think that I would want to study Uncle Mo to see how it really works because I saw his impact this weekend.

I have also heard the term that our play did not reflect our record.  Normally this means that we played better than our record, but in this case I have seen us play better and lose when this weekend we didn’t play great, but we won; Uncle Mo was there for us at times when we needed him.  I was excited to see us win our first 6 games.  When we made the challenge bracket Saturday night, we were on a roll and won the 1st set by 5 and were up in the 2nd when all the sudden…. Uncle Mo decided to switch sides.  In the Silver bracket on Sunday, I watched us play the best volleyball this season for the 1st 3/4 of the 1st set when all the sudden…. Uncle Mo decided to switch sides.

As we prepare for the last couple of tournaments, we need to figure out how we won games when we weren’t playing great, how to finish games when we are playing great, and how to deal with Uncle Mo when he switches sides.  However, when I look back at the weekend, I am proud of the way we fought through matches where we didn’t have it, so I think we are on our way to learning how to be a championship team.

As always, my dad took video and put together some highlights from the weekend.  Please enjoy: